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Human Resource and Management Strategy in APUS Group

1. Management Strategy

Speed is the key to keep alive, while scale on the contrary.

Keep innovative

Adhere to your own DNA

One Million Rule

It is important to remember that "speed is the key to keep alive, while scale on the contrary" and this is the main reason that APUS has kept its staff size at around 200. I hope every employee can hold the responsibility for over one million users and market value. And because of this, when APUS Group realize its social value, I hope everyone in APUS can get legitimate rewards and respect that he or she deserves.

2. Human Resource Strategy

How we choose people:Highly specialized experts,Excellently potential employees

Human resource criteria:

The acceptance of corporate culture

The passion and acceptance of corporate culture is the most important criterion in APUS. We have no intention to change anyone’s value, but we will choose ones who share common goals and values with us and strive for a better future together.

The urge to improve

Having the urge to improve is a precious quality that APUS cherishes. Never indulge oneself and become the unique one. One should keep hungry under any circumstances and the urge can motivate oneself to learn and strive. Only with the urge can the dream be realized and life be changed.

The ability to learn

People with urge to improve have the confidence to judge themselves, and then they shall enhance by studying.

Systematic mind

Systematic mind refers to sense of big picture. People with systematic mind shall be under control and never get lost.

Ability and experience

APUS has not given highest priority to ability and experience, but not necessarily means they are not important. Ability and experience are the reflection of the past but not future. APUS hopes every employee can enhance instead of indulging in the previous successes.